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Getting back to work on the website again!  Content is still yet to come for most pages, but I'm at it again now.

I've posted a revised version of my Zenbot CNC router review video on Youtube.com (link below).  Versus the original video, which I've now removed from the Rubbergunner channel, this version has annotations added throughout to provide more information beyond my narration.  In places, the annotations and narration are coincident, which obviously isn't ideal, but hopefully the video will remain watchable.  Regarding the video's background, when I was gearing up to purchase my Zenbot in 2014, one of the frustrations I encountered was the apparent scarcity of reviews of the machines on the internet.  I think I came across one or two blog-type reviews, but no true video reviews of this brand of CNC machine.  After the purchase, as I became familiar with the machine and was successful in getting it to do what I had hoped for, I decided that I ought to take a shot at creating a video review for others, along the lines of what I would have liked to have found back when I was shopping around.  Viewing the video, it will be obvious that I'm not particularly experienced in doing this type of review, but hopefully I'm able to convey some useful information to those seeking it.

Zenbot 1624 CNC Router Review and Discussion - Annotated


If you haven't already, check out Patent History of Rubber Rand Guns, wherein I provide the results of research I've done into a number of historical innovations in RGB technology.  Clues to the apparent origins of many of today's popular mechanisms are revealed!